Procedure of the admitting to hospital and to school

Procedure of the admitting to hospital

Step I – Registration in the medical secretary’s office of  the hospital

Step II – Specialist medical examination (if the waiting time to the doctor is growing longer, we invite to the office at school)

The medical examination includes:

  • conducting interview  (data concerning the childbearing, family circumstances, experienced illnesses and injuries, allergy, supply of the orthopaedic assistance),
  • writing out the therapeutic card (exercises and rehabilitation treatments made during the stay in hospital)

Step III – Admission to the school

Conversation with the tutor or with educational psychologist is embracing:

  • collecting information about the pupil
  • providing information concerning the plan of the day, possibilities of the contact with the class tutor.

Step IV – nursing interview (after coming to the branch)

The interview with the nurse includes:

  • checking practical parameters (pulse, pressure, temperature)
  • examining the general condition of the  patient (height, weight)
  • obtaining concerning data: of feeding, allergy, using the orthopaedic equipment, contact lenses, etc.
  • of settling needs to relieve oneself, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Required documents:

  • opinion of the class tutor,
  • list of subjects for the accomplishment during the hospitalization acquired from the class tutor from the parent school
  • in case of pupils with special education needs we ask:
    – for IPET document delivering – at and for the inspection of documentation psychological – pedagogic,
    – copy of the psychological opinion, decisions of the clinic psychological – pedagogic (if were given),

Plan of the day at the hospital/school:

6:30 – wake-up


7:00 – breakfast

10:45 – lunch

13:10 – dinner

17:45 – supper

Rehabilitation treatments, lessons and extracurriular activities:

7:30 – 12:30 –  rehabilitation treatments for all the pupils of the primary and secondary school

8:00 – 12:00 – extracurriular activities for all those pupils who have a break within their rehabilitation treatments (own learning, doing one’s homework, table games, computers etc.)

11:35 – 14:20 or 11:35 – 15:10 – lessons for the pupils of the junior primary school

12:25 – 19:50 – lessons for the pupils of the primary and secondary school as well as the extracurriular activities (sports activities outside, activities  according to needs and interests – art, dance classes, musical, relaxation, group integrating games, drama and other)

19:50 – 21:00 – coming back to the hospital branch, preparing to the sleep.